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Software and Open Data Resources

Please visit the SimVascular project for more information on open source patient specific modeling tools provided by our lab.   In conjunction with SimVascular,  the Vascular Model Repository provides a collection of accompanying image data sets, models, and simulation results.  

SimVascular Software

SimVascular is an open source software package providing a complete pipeline from loading in medical image data to constructing patient specific anatomic models and running blood flow simulations.   The software originated in the lab of Charles Taylor at Stanford University and is now jointly support by our lab, Shawn Shadden (UC Berkeley) and Nathan Wilson (OSMSC)    

Vascular Model Repository

The Vascular Model Repository is a library of computational models of normal and diseased human cardiovascular and pulmonary anatomy and input and output boundary conditions for various physiologic states. These models can be used to simulate cardiovascular and pulmonary solid and fluid mechanics and will provide spatially and temporally-resolved benchmark solutions that can be used by academic, government and industry researchers to verify their computational methods.